About me

So what do you need? Voice over? Corporate video? Podcast? Audio for your website?

I can present a live radio show, pre record one and MP3 the edited links to you, host an awards ceremony or special event, direct you around the world on your sat nav and guide your clients around your phone system.

With my home studio and editing system I can voice and edit almost anything you need and very quickly too. Just let me know!

Perhaps you'd like to know a little more about me first?

I was born in Hong Kong, lived in Germany and travelled around as an army brat until settling in Shropshire. Here I fell into radio and answered the phones for the Country show and reclaimed reel to reel tape whilst listening to the shipping forecast. The highlight was ruining yet another watch on the bulk eraser and seeing the hands spin. I was not a cool kid... you cant be cool and read out the farming pig prices!

I went to Uni and did a BA Hons in Acting and financed it by working at The Pulse where I got my first show. I met my husband Gavin out in America working at a camp for children with challenging behavior. He's a Geordie.... my main reason for moving to Century FM in Newcastle. I must have been ok ish because I moved to mid mornings and then onto my first breakfast show with Magic.

I got hitched, had little Morgan and moved to the Magic Network whilst dabbling in Voice Overs on the side. When bump number two started to show we moved back to Shropshire... grandparents are priceless.

I now have a studio at home and do Voice Overs every morning, Magic Love shows for the each weekend on the Magic Network and every weekday afternoon you can find me on BBC Radio Shropshire for Drivetime 3pm - 7pm.

I love what I do. This is me in a nutshell.... and perhaps I could be part of what you love too.

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